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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Flat Fly'n,

Please call me tomorrow afternoon and I'll give you a couple of names and phone numbers. If you want to get involved you need to get to know the right people. I had a conversation with a friend last weekend who will be going to the meeting. I've worked with TWRA both in the political area and on the stream. Back in the 80's we tried to get some regs on the Caney Fork. We failed. Nothing works unless the landowners agree. And, TWRA won't get involved unless landowners agree. I don't blame them, they've been burned too many times.

My best friend for 50 years served as a Commissioner in Kentucky for 10 years. He worked to get the regulations that we now have on the Cumberland River there. It happened without complaints or opposition. And now, you see the benefits of that effort.

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