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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Back in the 80's we tried to get some regs on the Caney Fork. We failed. Nothing works unless the landowners agree. And, TWRA won't get involved unless landowners agree. I don't blame them, they've been burned too many times. Byron

I have to respectfully disagree that landowners should have more of a say so about the regs on a particular piece of water they may have land on. It makes no sense from an economical standpoint. Should the thousands of us yield to a fortunate few? It is downright selfish in my opinion. I happened to be one of those landowners a few years ago and have been burned myself. But I never thought that I should've had more of a say so on the regs than a person that didn't own land on the river. These rivers are a public resource. Just because someone owns land adjacent to one of these rivers doesn't give them right to do as they please, or have more influence on the way it's managed. Actually, some landowners should be cited because of their land practices. Some of these waters are in decline because of poor land management on the part of the landowner. Are they fined? No. Do they have benefits such as influencing regulations? Yes. The way I see it, a landowner is just some fortunate person that has no more right to the resource than you and me.
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