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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan


I agree with you. I'm not an expert on Tennessee Law but I believe I'm right on the following statement:

Tennessee has a provision called a Private Act. Other states may have them too. But here a State Representative or Senator can ask for a Private Act which exempts his or her district from State Legislation. So, lets say a group of people ask that fish or hunting laws be changed and for the sake of this conversation lets say they are not living in that district. TWRA makes the change because they feel it is prudent, good for the resource and for the anglers or hunters. The people who live in that district don't like it for some reason. They can ask their State Rep to exclude their district through a private act. The State Representative gets enough votes to recind(sp) the legislation. TWRA gets smacked in the face and all the time and energy that they put into the project is wasted. It's happened before. Even the threat of a Private Act can change the direction TWRA can move. Some of you folks know more about this than I do so please correct me if I'm wrong.

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