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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Just don't spank the spoiled kid, especially in CA now...... You could go to jail.

It is a problem when so few can impact the many. TWRA has walked this double edge sword and with limited funds and unlimited lawyers out there I am sure it puts them on defensive about change, but change has to happen if we are to improve this fishery.

That is why to me it makes perfect sense to improve JUST that section of the river that has no private ownership. Regulate that section to the max, even make it a delayed harvest, no kill or no fish period for say 4 months of the year to grow some bigger fish or give them a better chance for survival.

BTW... I saw 2 baitfishermen culling smaller fish off their stringers on Saturday. There were 3 fish not 20 feet downstream of them floating belly up. I asked them about it and they said, well, "the herons eat them"

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