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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

RF, I agree with your point on property owners being subject to regulations that benefit all. *There are people who deer hunt who think they should be able to kill anything they want on their own property. *Fact is, they own the ground, but not the deer. *I see the property owners along a river as being the same. *Why not let Junior keep 50 trout?

People generally realize that size and number limits are almost voluntary anyway. *There really isn[t enough enforcers to protect the resource from people who insist on catching over number limits or keeping fish under size limits. *But it does establish a standard that most people will adhere to.

One problems with the original trophy area on the clinch was that on an all day float from Peach Orchard or Miller Island to Clinton, the possession rules changed. *Once you enter trophy water, you can't have kept any fish.

I was on the San Juan in NM several years ago, and their rules were C&R only in the top zone, 1 fish minimum size (I think it was 24") in the next downstream zone, then open fishing below that. *Once you started, you moved into less restrictive zones, which gets around the problem that the Clinch had.

But, since most bait fishing occurs from the Dam to Miller Island, I'd think a break at the MI boat ramp permitting numbers fishing upstream and quality fishing downstream would be a good way to permit the fish to grow and still keep the meat fisherman buying licenses (that matters to TWRA and to us). *I'd also like to see slot limits on the Clinch if the biology made sense, although when baitfishing, there isn't much use in releasing dead fish.
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