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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Flat, my observation is that on high water, the area immediately below the dam is very popular with bait fishermen, fishing bait on the bottom in the current seams. On low water, there are holes all up and down where bait is fished, sometimes by dozens of people. I think you would get more resistance from the general public from making that area C&R or imposing bait restrictions than if you took Miller Island to Clinton and did the same thing there.

There are areas of the Clinch that are seldom fished (or seldom overfished) due to limited access. Back in the day, this was enough to keep a good population of big fish. I think it may be the supply, rather than the demand, that has changed with the health of the river. If the river gets healthy again, a lot of these problems go away. I understand the Hiwassee is similar in that regard.
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