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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan


I read everything on the Corp of Engineers site about Lake Cumberland and the tailwater and it made me sick. I've fished there since I was a kid. I hope the tailwater remains cold. Things don't look good for people trying to make a living on the lake. It looks like they plan to keep it 43' below summer pool for at least a year. But, that's better than what could happen if the dam were to breach.


I e-mailed Mike Butler at Tennessee Wildlife Federation and got a response. They are still engaged with Trout Unlimited but they are revamping the program and they don't have TU on their website yet. So I guess my best advice would be to contact them and get some direction. It would also be a good idea to become a member. After all, they set up what we now call TWRA back in the 1940's. And the Federation is the most powerful wildlife organization in Tennessee. Also, get involved with Trout Unlimited.

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