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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

"If your motor stalls then you face the most dangerous of all falls in any river which is a man-made fall that has no breaks in it. Well documented by white water rescue resources."

Boy you got that right! I once watched a canoe and a kayak go over an old mill (Nices Mill) here in middle TN while the river was out of its banks. The Canoe went first and it immediately flipped over and wrapped around a tree like it was made out of foil. The two guys that were in it barely made it to land. Then the kayak tried it and he was ejected and got stuck in the hydraulic. We watched in horror as it took him under over and over again. I just knew we were going to watch a man die. He got lucky and it finally spit him out. He managed to swim to an island and had to be rescued by the rescue squad in a rubber raft.
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