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Default Re: Tennessee Trout Mgmt Plan

Good points, Michael. Especially the one about landowners being somewhat excluded to special regs. I don't think they'd have much of an impact even if they did harvest fish frequently. It's the hundreds, if not, thousands, that don't live on the river that have most of the impact. But this is where I have a big problem with land owners. Let's say someone like myself purchases a little slither of land on the Clinch and all of the sudden my voice is heard loud and clear over a few thousand others that have been fishing the river MUCH longer than I. I have a problem with that. Just because someone owns a stretch of land beside a resource should not give them special regards to that resource, it's not theirs to bargain with. It belongs to every citizen in this country. I'm sure when you were in construction that you've heard the expression "a dime holding back a dollar". I honestly believe that's what we're dealing with here. What I fear the most with those waters in Tennessee is what has happened to the Chattahoochee in Georgia. Believe me when I say this, if things are not put in place now, the Clinch and other rivers in Tennessee will be in the same shape. These landowners we're talking about here are the same kinds of people that have ruined the fishery on the Hooch. Some just like the view and are complacent when it comes to any damage they may be causing. Wether it be monetary or environmental damage. If those of us that care about these rivers don't start influencing the politics of these resources then these landowners are going to start turning into developers. Do we really want some fat cat developers calling the shots? Mark my words, it hasn't happened yet but it WILL. It's sad but true. When some of these old landowners die their heirs will sell this land off, piece by piece.


Thank you. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do at the time other than type some text or send letters. I'm still in a state of suspended animation. Very frustrating.

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