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* * From what i gather the "pay me later" option that you said you saw is something similar to something you can do on ebay where you have the option to pay in payments on items over a certain amount. Now here's a story on that: my uncle knows a fellow that sells high priced items on ebay and he sold one to a customer one time and the customer chose to "pay him later." The item was shipped to the customer and the customer received it and then made a payment or two before he/she cancelled his paypal account. This fellow filed a complaint with paypal to get his money from the customer and paypal launched an investigation where they found that they couldn't get any money back because there were "insufficient funds" in the customer's account and they couldn't do anything about it because the address, although it was confirmed, could not be linked to anyone at all.
* * Now i'm not trying to scare you or influence any decisions, but just thought that maybe you should know. I think that we are all good honest folks on here and wouldn't do anything like that, but you should always safeguard yourself as much as possible. Maybe someone else has had an experience like this??
* * I do think that the whole paypal thing is good and gives your customers another option as to how to pay. After all, i do have some money in my paypal account waiting to be spent.......
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