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Default tying class this past saturday

Saturday I took the beginner fly tying class at LRO. Got there at 9:05, let the cat in as always. what a great class. Walter and Brian are both top notch guys and excellent teachers. whip finish? no problem. Walter even showed me how to whip finish with just my fingers. yeah, I might have to practice that a little more. being in the class all day with such wise teachers, I learned a lot more about fly fishing than just how to tie a fly. Got to meet griff and buckeye for the first time, both great guys. buckeye has some serious photography equipment and took a few photos. maybe you could post a few if you get a chance. kevin, redc4man, even stopped by and showed off some of his new creations. Also was able to talk to byron for the first time and we had a good conversation. great day with great people, all fly fishermen (and women). I can't think of a better way to spend a saturday. except maybe actually fishing of course.
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