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Default Re: Florida Fly fishing trip

I did more research today(kind of slow at work), and talked to a guide on the phone in Orlando that guides Bass trips. He said that the Bass are spawning right now and the best time to fly fish for them is in March and April. I won't be there until June. He said he would take me if I really wanted too but most of the bass that hit a fly are in the 2-4pd range. The big ones (8-10+pd) want the live shiners.
I guess thats why most of the FF guides stick with the redfish and other salt varieties. There are alot of guides that guide the bass lakes but they are using live bait or large plugs and heavy casting rods.

I guess I will just bass fish the onsite lake where I'm staying and maybe take a day and go over to Titusville for some snook or redfish. The cost is about the same and I would like to catch a new species on the flyrod.
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