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Only 2 replies, maybe a book review topic is not a good idea. But I will post some of my better reads on this thread.
Of course the GSNNP Flyfishing books
two books by Don Kirk are very good
"Smoky Mountians Trout Fishing Guide"
"Fly-Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains"

H. Lea Lawrence
"The fly Fishermans Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park"

This not realy a fly fishing book but was a very good read.
Johnny Molloy
"Trail By Trail Backpacking in the Smokey Mountians"

Another book that is not fly fishing but a very good read
Bill Bryson
"A Walk in the Woods"

L.J. DeCuir
"Southeastern Flies"

James R. Babb
" River Music"
"Fly Fishing Fool"

The Brown Water Boys
" The Offbeat Angler"

Scott Waldie
"Travers Corner"
I Just order the pther 2 books, I liked the first one so much.

Of course any of Left Kreh's Books
"Lefty's Favorite Fly-fishing Waters"
"Presenting The Fly"
"The Ultimate Guide to Flyfishing'
" Solving Fly Casting Problems"
"Modern Fly-Casting Methods: Decades of Fly-Casting Wisdom from America's Fly Casting Coach"

I also own and have read several Fly Fushing Mystery Books
William G. Tapply
"Bitch Creek"

John Galligan
"The Blood Knot"
"The Nail Knot"

Jim Tenuto
"Blood Atonement"

David Leitz
"The fly fishin Corpse"
"Dying to Fly Fish"
"fly Fishing can be Fatal"
"Casting into Dead Water"
"Hooked on Death"

A biolgraphy About Leigh Perkins "Orvis" was very intresting
" A Sportsman's Life"

Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer
"The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference"

I have several good fly tying books. Actualy Too many to list here.When I read Gaintfishes post about what flyfishing books he could read I just Laughed. All He has ot do is to walk out his room cross the hall to my office. My wife just rolls her eyes when she walks in here. But I guess Fly fishing and a Flyfishing Libaryis a cheaper Mid life Criss than A Itilan sports car

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