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Default Re: Book Reviews

Some how I missed this thread or I would have posted sooner...

Lets see what have I read this winter that was good??

John Gireach
"Trout Bum"
"Sex, Death and Flyfishing"
"Standing in a River Waving a Stick"
--I own all three, love em!

John Grogan
"Marley and Me"
--Have this one too, read it twice. Dog lover? Try this one.

James Babb

Dave Ames
"A Good Life Wasted"
--Cant be all true...

Jimmy Buffett
"A Salty Piece of Land"
--Great book! If youre kinda conservative not the best choice.
"Tales from Margaritaville"
--(see above)

Thats all that I can think of....I need a new book.

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