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Wow! Yes it could be fun in febuary! However I think this sport is enjoyed year round. A few tips for catching these species are as follows; Take lots of cash, preferably $1 dollar bills, and leave your atm card at home so you don't do anything stupid while your searching. I also have to second the wade opinion in regards to it would be along wade! You have certainly brought new meaning to wet a line and tight lines!

Spell check is our friend! And I must add I'm speechless!

On a more serious note, I have heard good things about fishing there and just down the road for skipjack herring! They are a fight on spin gear and I can't imagine catching one on a fly....Another great suggestion to make for skipjack is Melton Hill dam when the water warms up.....Go during generation and be prepared to do a lot of roll casting and mending!!! U might get lucky and land a trophy Striper ..

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