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Patillac, I wish that I could give you some up to date info, but it has been so cold and windy that I have not been on the river in at least two weeks. I think with the weather being as cold as it has been that you will probably have to use the basics when you start. Just a simple strike indicator and something like a very small Beadhead Pheasantail Nymph about 24-30 in. below it;cast upstream or up and across and allowed to dead drift back down below you. Your biggest task in front of you is learning to handle that flyrod and until you get that in control, only the most basic task will be in order. If you can find a set of shoals such as the ones at Nances Ferry that are wide open, you can practice your casting techniques and at least get the feel of handling your flyrod. Start with short cast and when you fell like you have that pretty much in hand, then begin to make some slightly longer ones. Take your time and watch the loop that your flyline makes as you false cast. If it is dipping down as it goes behind you or in front of you, then your being a little too fast with your stroke or allowing your wrist to bend too much. Either of these actions will cause the flexing of the rod to not give it's full effect. It's easy to tell because your flyline will slap the water in front or behind. THIS TIMING THING IS MUCH EASIER TO CORRECT IF YOU JUST START OFF WITH SHORT CAST. When your timing is right, the loop in your flyline will become tighter and the cast will be longer and smoother. This takes a while to smooth out. If you will practice this for a awhile, it will give the air time to warm up some and maybe some insects will start hatching. Look for small black or creme colored midge type flies buzzing around on the water. If you get lucky, you may see some larger tan looking flies skittering around and flying off to parts unknown. That will be Caddis flies and you'll sure see some trout activity if this happens. I hope that someone on the board is going your way tomorrow that can help you get started. Good luck and let us know how you did.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tn.
Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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