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RFowler, boy were you right! Maybe after a few trips to the Holston, I can fish the Clinch like I fish the Holston.?


I had to read that like 3 times to take it all in. Lots of good information, that's exactly what I need. I went to LRO today and got my beadhead pheasant tails and a few tan elk hair caddis' along with some strike indicators (fancy name for bobber huh?) and a few other knick-knacks. I'm gonna spend tommorow trying to get some good loops going and head to the river after work on Monday (I'm convienently working right on Cherokee Lake). Right now the TVA website says 0 generators from midnight to 1am, whatever that means, so hopefully no water will be released on Monday. Anyhow, thanks for steering me in the right direction and I'll let you know how we do, especially if I catch a trout and my buddy dosen't.
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