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Default RF some answers and additional thoughts pt 2

10. What is going to happen the next time TVA has to have a large release over a period of time, and the river is blown out? What about the next terrorist event that closes off the 1st mile below the dam?

11. Excluding anyone from special regs has been discussed and it was quickly put down as to much of a nightmare for law enforcement. It could also be challenged as discriminatory.

12. How can you call a fish a trophy when the size has been artificially increased by management plans? For example I deer hunt. Under the old management plan in most areas if I wanted a true trophy I went out and scouted most weekends away from the places most people hunt, which sometimes is 2-3 miles from most roads, crawl through thickets, etc. I go to extreme measures to leave no scent or do anything to spook the big boy. Finally the time to hunt arrives. I take extreme caution in going in and setting up 2-3 hrs before first light, making no noise, making sure I don’t sweat and leave a scent and going to the perfect place due to wind and other weather conditions to set up. If I do everything right I might get a shot I might not. Deer of trophy size have been hunted; they did not get this big by being stupid a real challenge. Now in some places the rules re such that artificial trophies are created, you can sit in your stand and have several 8-10-12 pt deer come by you. They have not been shot at, they have not been culled for due to their stupidly, they are not as prone to be alerted do to the scent of man or the noise you make. It is a kin to choosing your trophy at the local stock barn. Similar analogies could be drawn for fishing and are equally true. The increase in numbers artificially of trophy animals lessens the value of the trophy IMO makes them much easier to acquire. The stats show the Clinch is full of trophy fish. I see them caught on numerous occasions without special regs artificially increasing their size. Why do you want to create trophies that are meaningless to skills or the time-honored meaning of a trophy?


I cannot place enough emphasis on calling the Poaching Hotline 1-800-831-1174 and report violators, suspicious behavior etc. program your cell phone, take a camera and take pics of violators anything to help TWRA’s law enforcement efforts.

I also appreciate everybody’s love of the river, we disagree on some issues, but we do all love he tailwaters and streams. My personal philosophy is there is more to fishing than just the fishing, there is much that can be done to make the area you fish in a better place bother environmentally and in dealings with fisherman of other types. The war on the Clinch between the different angling communities is old and very unproductive to relations with river residents, the different anglers and the words that are said by both groups can sometimes ruin a otherwise pleasant day.

Have a good day

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