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" There's actually a whole lot of guides in east TN who'd love to see a guide licensing program that had requirments set to insure clients saftey and well being (CPR + First Aid + Insurance + Whitewater Rescue), Ethics (Business + river ettiquette), and resource conservation.

I know several of the folks who guide in NE Tenn and I've heard a lot of complaints about rude out of state guides, shady fly by night guides, etc. If all were required to have a license it would probably cut down on those complaints."

I could tell a few tales, but I won’t today.

Of all the guides I know who post here I have not seen any problems with them nor have I heard of any.

Most I have dealt with ,never fished with one but I have had many conversations both on and off the water with them are decent people. However some well maybe over a cold beer fishing one day
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