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Default alabama coast flyfishing

Sorry being this late in responding to you, but just saw the inquiry. For fresh water or brackish water you might consider contacting Mobile County's Dead
Lake Marina on the Mobile River and I-65. Fly fishing in the Delta offers several hundred square miles of bayous, creeks and rivers. Spring is great for fly hatches but anytime of the year is good. They should be able to refer you to a list of guides.

For the Gulf of Mexico coastal areas try the Dauphin Island area. It's not as crowded as the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach areas. On the net go to Click on Captain Mike's Deep Sea Fishing. Contact them. Most likely you will be talking to Mike's wife, Ann. She can help you with offshore info and inshore.

Mobile has a fly fishing club operated through McCoy's Outdoors sporting goods store. If you want some more info and guides names phone them. Ask for Wes Parks. He'll know who to switch you to for up to date info.
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