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“I think most legitimate guides would be all for a permit system from the state.”

I have seen and dealt with some dishonest one’s. Another story for another day. I like Rocky’s idea about being required to be trained in CPR, 1st aid as well

“As far as the Clinch goes, and my own personal observations for a slot limit, no, it's not scientific but a slot has proven to be beneficial to many other waters around the country.”

I understand that and might support some trial and error if the Clinch was bigger or other trout waters where near by

“I never said anything about closing any part of the river down to anyone.”

Sorry I was not talking to you or about you there.

”As I said before, the Holston has thermal problems in the Fall. It's not a good candidate for special regs if most of the fish are going to die from year to year.”

The thermal problems are only in effect so far down and may be very fixable in part of the rest pf the river with some cooperation

”I guess the majority (not economically) will still dictate what the rest of us do on the Clinch. After all, they know whats best for us. I very seriously doubt the mortality rate is the same for C&R as it is for baitfishing.”

Many variables are involved, but it is still mortality

”Let me reiterate for anyone coming into this discussion late. I have no problems whatsoever with baitfisherman. As long as they follow the laws. I'm not bashing on anyone for their prefered method of fishing.”

I agree you have not

“I'm just simply trying to get a slot limit on the Clinch. One similar to the South Holston. To think it won't benefit from such a thing is a little confusing to me.”

Main differences being majority of stake holders buy in, several other trout streams in the vicinity, among other reasons that other interested parties have that have to be considered

”Any reg has the potential not to be honored. Dishonest people like that are going to do as they please, regardless. So I guess we souldn't even bother because of a few putz's out there?

Again I cannot place enough emphasis on calling the Poaching Hotline 1-800-831-1174 and report violators, suspicious behavior etc. program your cell phone, take a camera and take pics of violators anything to help TWRA’s law enforcement efforts.
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