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Default LRO Board Member Meeting

I'll be going out of town this weekend but could make a get together on Saturday the 24th.

Don't guess that a particular Saturday will be good for everyone. So, here's another thought: Before I moved up here from the Gulf Coast a bunch of us local general aviation pilots had a understanding that anyone and everyone that could attend breakfast on any Saturday morning beginning at 7:30 a. m. would simply just show up at this particular restaurant whereby a large table was set aside by the restaurant owner for attendees with other tables being pulled up and joining the rest when the crowd grew larger. This arrangement proved successful for over a decade giving a mixture of guys/gals the opportunity to come when they could and as often as they could. We started out with this activity with the original idea of later on forming something more formal but never did. It was too much fun just showing up for a couple of hours and visiting over breakfast. So, we just kept on year after year keeping it informal with agreed upon cook-outs every once in a while at a willing hosts house and with impromptu group trips to various air-shows and rallies.

Any further thoughts Green Weenie and Troutman....and let's hear from all you other possible attendees, too?
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