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Default Try Geezer fishing

After a morning of landing Smallie after Smallie in Canada, my buddy and I developed "geezer fishing" - I think some of you call it trolling.

I go on a 3-day fishing trip every spring. Last year I spent an entire day casting my 8wt with big bass bugs. That night my hand swelled up to 3x its size. The next morning, I taped it up and fished for 5 more hours. Besides arthritis in the hand and shoulder, I also have something called Radial Tunnel Syndrome, so I am able to achieve a pain that will not allow me to lift a fish with the rod. I have pretty much taken care of all of these problems with exercise and Alleve.
Exercise one - stretch out one arm with your hand bent down and pull on it with the other for 30 second intervals. Do this 3x for each arm.
Exercise 2 - using a weight (it can be a can of soup) put your arm over an edge with your palm down. Lift each wrist 20x.
Exercise 3 - Hang a 1 pound weight about 4 feet from a 1" piece of dowel. Using both hands and holding your arms straight out, wind it up and wind it down. Do this 5 to 10x.

Add any shoulder, arm, or hand exercises you like. I have found the more I exercise, the less pain I end up with - and yeah, I HATE exercising. Only the thought of pain-free fishing keeps me going.
To Miss Nancy - she hated fishing, but loved a fisherman.
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