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Default Clinch Report 2-15-07

Well got out of class around 1 or so and came home to find that the water was off on the Clinch until 6, so I just had to give it a try. I decided to try Miller Island depending on how many cars were there, and when I got there at close to 3 I was happy to find that I was the only car in the lot. So I rigged up and started down the right side of the island. I found out that the first couple hundred feet or so is really shallow but the pool at the end of that run had trout rising up everywhere. I started throwing a parachute adams in the smallest one that I had and had a couple of strikes but each on I missed or had a long distance release. I then switched to a very tiny griffiths nat and that ended up catching the most fish, all really small bows and browns though. After that I walked down some more and found this really deep hole that had some brush coming off the bank as well. I threw a small midge under an indicator and caught 2 more small fish and then before I moved I thought that I might throw the copper zonker that I had and see if I could get anything. I made one cast almost all the way to the bank and began to strip it as fast as I could, about half way back I saw this fish come from out of no where and hit the crap out of my fly. It almost scared me so bad that I didnt know what to do. I fought the fish for quite awhile because I was using a 6x tippet and had never really had a fish of any size on and didnt want to break him off. Anyway I ended up landing him and it's the biggest brown I have caught to date. I was pretty pumped to say the least. Fished for another 30 mins or so and then headed home for dinner.

Funny part of the trip was when I got out and was changing out of my waders I noticed one single duck sitting out infront of the ramp. I always carry my duck calls in the car with me so I can practice when I'm driving to and from school so I thought that I would get them out and see what that duck might do. Well after blowing for a couple seconds, two pairs of ducks came flying in from downriver, so now I had 5 ducks on the water. After 4 or 5 minutes I hit the calls again and to my suprise 6 or 7 more came flying up. So total I had around 12-13 ducks. I thought this was pretty cool, and made me wish duck season was still here.

Anyway here are some pics I thought I would share for anyone that is still suffering from cabin fever.

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