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Of the three, the Tellico is the biggest and widest. I havent fished it but it sure looks pretty as you drive up to Bald River Falls and the North River - you'll want a camera for the falls. Last summer, I fished various sections of the North River, from the bottom to the top, with no luck - wrong time of day and wrong time of year. I think it's one of the nicest looking rivers outside of the GSMNP. And there are five or six campsites of different sizes and comfort levels all along the river. I've been told that the North holds some monster browns that will attack properly thrown streamers when the water is a bit off color.

I haven't fished the Bald River myself but everyone I know who has says the same thing: Take the stairs to the left of the falls up to the trail and hike in a minimum of three miles before you even think about fishing.

Neither the North nor the Bald require any special permits, but the Tellico requires its own day stamp (last time I checked). Unless it warms up around here pretty quickly I wouldn't fish either the North or the Bald right now... just a bit too cold for me.

It is definitely some pretty country! Enjoy and give us a report!

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