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”I'm throwing in the Wooly Bugger of Peace!”

If yours are anything like the ones I tie, they are classified as deadly weapons for the amount they weigh, they are guaranteed to get to the bottom or raise a knot if they hit you. I like them with one gen or a pulse

”Whatever I will say, you will disagree. So this gets old, and we don't agree on anything and nothing gets done. Heck, it doesn't matter what you or I say, TWRA has and will do whatever they want to do, or what is agreed to with a good old boy handshake, with some science thrown in to make it look good. They are appointed "officials"........Agreed?”

No I don’t I have read the data and know several people who helped take it. It is not been tampered with, it is what it is.

”Now about that mortality issue. Both you and I know that "figures lie..and liers figure". Ok, are we good with that? So for every article you can find on high mortality, I can find one on low mortality. That's why there are things like mean, mode, p values, and the likes. Agreed?”

I gave several different ones and stuck with the more reasonable lower numbers, which is close to ideal. We know that does not happen often in real world conditions. There are lots of reasons for the different results and it begins with conditions the data was taken.

”On the River Keeper issue. Those words were uddered from the head TWRA fisheries biologist himself, not me, years ago when TWRA had the last public meeting in Clinton I believe at a school. I was there (as opposed to trying to catch fish at the CC...enough of that comment). I am sorry I don't remember names well, flys, runs, insects, no problem.. Now I am paraphrasing for you, but he said "if the public was to come up with the 30-35K required to hire a RIVER KEEPER that there could be increased coverage on the Clinch. This was after there was a show of hands in a PACKED room of people that had had a license check in the past. One person raised their hand, of which began the discussion of short of help, logistics problems for the officers....too few to cover too much territory”

I have been in three different meetings where the idea was presented in a community meeting at the Rec Hall in Clinton, a local chapter meeting and at the Coldwater Fisheries meeting. Those numbers are low for salary and do not include training and equipment. That is before you even get into political considerations and guaranteed long term commitment. Perhaps yours was a earlier meeting and they had more time to consider the idea and saw it was not a viable solution. Could that change yes. I can only reference my past conversations with some of the TWRA officials

I bet we could raise the money with duel of 3wt at 60ft with a #26 barbless Griffith's Gnat at Miller's Island. Wait,that might not work, because someone would want to get released....HA! Bet I could take you into your backing!


OK so TWRA doesn't do anything.........probably. We are still left with 4-5 great tailwaters that some folks would give certain parts of their anatomy to fish on. But deep down, admit it would just love to see the Clinch the way it was in the late 80's and early 90's again...Come on....admit one will think less of you if you agreed with something just once.

Actually I would prefer the late 60’s or early 70’s and know what I know now. No body else was really fishing then and the young ladies where much more inquisitive about Fly Fishing young adults. We will not discuss this issue anymore in depth on this board, Paula might object


Note trying to give an equal humorous response (In parts) and just not into it.

Maybe we will meet on the river some day

Have a good one
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