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FYI, on some of these newer boards( apparently this one inculded) the CTRL-scroll feature doesn't work for some reason. Several boards I frequent are this way and two I've run were also set up this way with no option to change it. For the most part, the newer software is great( esp. if you remember the old comment:

format that everyone used to use, but sometimes you wonder if the folks that create it ever actually use it.

The site and the boards look awesome though. You guys have come such a long way in such a short time( probably doesn't feel that way to you though. ) and flyfishers the Southeast over are sure lucky to have you folks in the industry. Besides, if we didn't have LRO, we'd have to spend our money on silly stuff like food and shelter and clothes and bills and....

Thanks for being so good at what you do. Your customers and friends appreciate you guys so much.
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