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It's great to see all of you interested in the Acid Deposition project. We started this about 13 years ago. Paula and I did it for a few years before we got in the flyshop business in a serious way. Our site began at campsite 23, several miles from our truck. Back then we could drive up the East Prong of the Little River much further than you can now. The very first time we did this it snowed. We walked several miles and when we got to Goshen Prong we realized that a piece of equipment that we needed was left in the truck. Joe Hatton, the "Ultimate TU Volunteer" walked back to the truck in the snow and got the equipment we needed. I bet he put in 24 miles that day. This has been an extremely worthwhile project. You will have a lot of fun and learn much about our trout streams and in the long run you will be essential in keeping them populated with trout. It's also an honor to be part of the Fisheries Department that Steve Moore and Matt Kulp do such an excellent job managing.

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