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Uh oh! CRTL+scroll wasn't working because of the browser skin I was using. It's working fine in Firefox. Sorrrrrry.

No Sir, the old account was working just fine, but recently I've had some changes in my life( some good, some bad) that have forced me to take a closer look at my life and the way I came across to folks - both online and in person. Thus, I buried "The Owl" and decided to take on the username that I very nearly took when I first found myself on this new-fangled thing called the world wide web.

Trust me, at 4am and hyped up on Mtn. Dew - "fishlicker" was the funniest thing I ever heard. As for the old boards, everyone had them and flipping back and forth from link to link when looking at replies was almost unbearable in the days of dial-up connections - at least for someone as impatient as me.

Anyway, you'll probably get the same bad form, mispelled words, and goofy posts - but hopefully in a much more grown-up( * grooaaaaannnn. ) package. I've learned so much in my ten years on the net, and it's about time I left all that " owlishness" behind me. At least.....that's the plan.

Last year I spent alot of days on sportbike message boards, and more days riding than fishing - but I sold the infernal contraption( read: I LOVED THAT THING but it was too easy too go too fast) last fall, and this year I'm going to spend more time with wet feet and a sore casting arm I hope. And hopefully I'll get to make more than one visit to the best flyshop out there.

And if anyone here needs any help fishing south of TN and NC for trout, just holler and I'll gladly share what I know with the group here. Hope to see you all at the cookout if not before.

PS - Is there a " new posts " button on the front page of the message board? Like, when I come back for the first time on a given day, is there a button to click that you can see a list of new posts that were made since your last visit? Maybe just something that could be enabled? Thanks.

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