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byron, I put that "the bison is back" up there for you. I used to call it the buffalo, but I've since learned that the american bison is not a buffalo, settlers just called them that because they didn't know what they were. a buffalo is a different group, like a water buffalo. I took that picture because it reminded me of a neil young song where he talks about pocahontes, the buffalo and "the homeland we've never seen", and how now "taxis run across my feet, and my eyes have turned to blanks" I never thought people couldn't tell what that was until you asked me. doghair, now that you mention it, it does actually look more like a rhino. I took that pic at YNP. from what I've read, they are native to GSMNP. I don't know about you guys, but I'd love to see a herd of these grazing the cove.
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