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Default Coldest Day

I think my coldest days were the last 2 spent in Michigan, year before last in November. We went the 10th of November, the first morning was 11 degrees, and the second was 13. We were we fished. The guide set-up one of the propane radiant heaters and I literally melted the dark poly-felt on my Chota boots trying to warm my feet. The boat was encased in ice. We were doing the chuck & duck thing so ice wasn't so much the problem, just the brutal cold. The day we left it made it into the low 50's..........Somebody should shoot that fellow Murphy.
Had a few miserably cold days in January and February of this year over on Snowbird; temps in the high 20's, water in the low 30's. For no real rhyme or reason the fishing would be good one day and terrible the next. Though I can usually come up with a theory (read: elaborate excuse) for why they don't bite, or I can't manage to get them in the net! Still it beats the h.... out of not fishing!
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