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Default Gear for Steelies

BuckeyeTrouter - I use an old Orvis Clearwater 9' 8wt and an Orvis Battenkill Mid-Arbor which has a great drag. I wouldn't go less than a 7wt, but give the 6 a try. Just make sure your reel has a good drag, probably more important than the rod. I use a Bass taper, but I'm not sure if it makes casting easier or not. I'm usually set up with a 1X or 2X leader and I use fluoro for the tippet. Orvis Mirage is 12.5 lb. test for the 2X. Use Fluoro and go heavy - the fish can't see it. I started by using a bobber, oops, for flyfishing we must call it a strike detector, but as I have more experience I am now going without. When the line stops going downstream - set the hook. I have also gone to using 2 flies - usually a Wooly Bugger (size 6 to 10) on top of an egg or nymph. I don't go smaller than size 14, because I can't see anything smaller.
Be ready to lose a lot of flies and a lot of fish. I thought hookin 11 and landing 3 was pretty sad, but in talking to some old hands, apparently it's not bad. Can't wait for the ice to clear.
To Miss Nancy - she hated fishing, but loved a fisherman.
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