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I think the meeting was planned before we all started the thread but I'm not sure. If you read the thread at some point I mentioned that Frank Fiss was in the shop. He's in charge of the Trout Program for TWRA. He told me about the meeting back then. I told him about the thread hoping he would read it. Also, I talked to Jim Habera, one of the trout biologists who co-writes the trout plan a couple of months before our big debate and he told me about a new management plan that was in the works. I bet they all read the thread but I think this would have happened anyway. I hope to be there. By the way, these guys from TWRA who work in the trout program for Tennessee are good guys and friends of mine and I think they try to represent all of the the anglers as best they can. But, here's your opportunity to let your opinion be known.

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