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Default Amelia Island and the WORST Guide I ever had

I have been to Amelia Island 3 times. I hired a guide that my son and I still laugh about to this day although it was not too funny at the time. Started out I had to jump start his boat from my car secondary to dead battery(not really a problem). Next he proceeded to loose patience with my then 11 year old who was trying to cast an 8wt rod for the first time, then yelled at me throughout the morning mostly because I couldn't cast 80ft (no joke) with one false cast! NOT that way GD! You dropped your wrist, you turned your wrist, your arm was too far back..........on and on it went. I did manage to catch a 10# redfish later in the AM and then I called it quits. BTW, he did not offer any conversation to me or my son the entire trip other than to tell me when I was putting some sunscreen on my son's face " don't use that stuff..just let him burn and get a good base"

PS..Captain %*@$&%!, and previous "Orvis guide of the year" apparently. My now 18 year old just walked in and read this and said "the guys a jerk".

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