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Default Meeting tomorrow night

Location 101 S. Hicks St., Clinton

It looks like on the map that it is just off Main St which runs parallel to 61

The time is 6:30 - 8PM

Just a personal footnote.
This issue is not about baitfishermen or flyfishermen. I could care less. It is about quality fishing. I believe the quality has been gone from the Clinch for a long time. I am not about imposing or restricting rights to LAND owners, but it is about common sense management.... too many people fishing and already overstressed resourse and limited money to continue to throw 3" fish by the truckload to try to fix. If the Clinch (as TWRA says) can grow fish, then why not grow and protect these fish until they reach an acceptable catch and keep size? Slot the river, or is it just the fact that folks manhood is questioned unless he comes home without his limit of 5" fish!

Flat Fly'n
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