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Default Clinch Regs

I have a few scars from this old discussion. There should have been some consideration for the people who would like to see a quality fishery on the Clinch a long time ago. I am not looking for "Catch and Release" regs either. Why not some common sense regs to allow some growth of the fish. Slot on the browns would be great. Maybe 1 over 18 and 1 under 12" ? You then have to have some enforcement on the river. The Clinch does not get enough natural reproduction to sustain (sp?) itself, so it will always be a "put and take" fishery, lets just finally add the word "grow" to the phrase "Put, grow and take!"
What I don't understand is the number of guys out there who feel it is a God given right to keep every trout they land, who don't think twice about throwing back every bass they catch. No offense to the bass, I grew up fishing for them and still enjoy them........ smallmouth in particular! I just don't enjoy the mindset.
It almost seems like this is a way of sticking it to the perceived elitest fly fisherman. That is a shame.
I am going to try to get there tomorrow night but I coach a U10 soccer team from 5:15 to 6:30pm. School nights are tough with kids as well.
Lame excuses, I know! I will be interested to hear a report if I don't make it. I will alot more to say afterward!
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