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thats a pretty big blue gill. I cant remember which summer it was but one summer in high school when I used to have a little 14' alumacraft I was fishing for bass in the back of a cove when I noticed that there tons of blue gills gathered in the back of this slough. After easing around with the trolling motor I found out that they were making their beds in the soft silt all the way down to what looked like little pea gravel. Well I immediately went home and grabbed an ultralight spinning rod, hooks and a thing of nightcrawlers. I lost track of home many I caught that day but I eventually ran out of bait. I came back the next morning and used a small bettle spin and that made it alot easier unhooking them because they didnt swallow the hook as bad. But the next time I made it back there most of them were already gone. Sure wish I could hit it that good again now that I have a fly rod.

Anyway, great story and good pic. Where about is this duck pond?
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