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Default Ok!

I was out of the house landing the big bluegill when David called back and my wife answered! Actually, it's pretty funny because he told my wife he was out of town for the moment fishing, of course, and for some reason I decided to stroll across the street and do the same which my wife so graciously told him. So, here Mr. Magnum is out scoping for Tarpon while I'm back home tackeling the big blue gill! Ha! It's still funny to think about! Enough of me babling. Any how he planned on checking his book and he thought he'd be open for mid July. Still laughing! He probably thinking "Oh, boy! I've got my work cut out for me on this one!"

So, Byron unfortunately this brings me to more questioning! When booking an expidition of sorts like this, should you plan more than one day on the water! After all my salary can't afford more than one day at 5 Ben's not to mention tipping! Don't get me wrong it's really not a bad deal all things considered, but for future reference should I book more than 1 day? I would imagine this raises the odds of landing a better fish, but I think I'll be happy landing a baby! Just the chance to see what the flats and salt are all about!!

My wife and I have been married for going on seven years. During that time we have yet to honeymoon or take a vacation departing from the four walls of the place we call home! That being said my parents haven't been on a vacation in years or as mom would graciously say "30 years!!!'' So I want everyone to have a great time and thoroughly enjoy themselves!

I plan on renting an actual house for the week and let me tell you it's not easy trying to find a vaction house in peak summer anywhere within the panhandle! That is that's reasonable and away from drunken college partiers! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! So if you know of any good places to spend some time, money, and fun pass the buck on to this young poor fellow!

And yet one more question! Directed towards Paula! She told me that she had recieved a TFO rod heavier weight and a fantastic reel! She mentioned your disgust for the set until you either broke your rod or line, something along those lines, and picked her TFO up and used it! She mentioned something about you falling in love with it! So i'm wondering what was the set up and do you all have the rod in stock? I've never cast anything over a six wieght and it would probably be a good idea to start getting used to one! What weight! If nothing else there is a 25lb+ carp that's been needing to be caught for the past two days at the duck pond...It would be good practice. He has teased me for the past two days tailing, surface feeding! I managed to get a size 14 blue quill into his feeding lane but he just cruised past! BUGGER!!!! Any how I'd like to do a little warm water fishing to get warmed up to Tarpon!

Thanks again!
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