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Default It was 65lbs

I believe the record was set at Norris back in the 80's. Someone correct me if i'm wrong! There is a guide that works out of Hickory Star Marina on Norris. It's about a 7 to 10 minute boat ride from there. We paid 100 a piece to spend 8 hours with him. I believe his name was Bill unsure of the last name. It was 100 bucks very well spent landing several over 30lbs. We caught several 4+ lb smallies as well trolling around an island! It's a pretty simple set up consisting of about four planer boards and two balloons, using LY and Shiners around 4 ft of the planer or balloon. I was the only one that caught one on a wieghted jig throwing it off the front of the boat.

I believe there's two records that came out of norris the other being Musky. I'd would love to spend a day out there on fly though! The best fighters are the smallies and the stripers in the 15 to 20lb range. The put up one heck of a fight.

Cheers! On a successfull day on the water!
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