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LOL...pretty warm, too...the other day with my thermometer, the surface temp was 84...I think that's a bit above the threshold for even brown trout .

It's interesting, though - ever since Katrina, I've noticed a lot more people fishing down there on the seawall - they're catching some fish, too. Now, I've heard stories about the "glory days" along Lake Ponchartrain, when you could get your limit of speckled trout any time you felt like it, or you could throw out a cast net and get an ice chest full of shrimp, right along the seawall in New Orleans. It isn't quite like that now, but after years of decline, the lake is definitely coming back. It's probably the number one spot in the state for big speckled trout - some people are specializing in trolling along the bridges with lead core line - that somehow doesn't appeal to me. There are also some big tarpon in there in the summer, along with some good sized sharks, so it can be interesting.
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