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Default My Mother

I had arranged to team up with my mom in Stockholm, Sweden for the last flight over to Turku, Finland. My mom and dad lives in Sweden but my mom was born and raised in Finland. Mom left Finland in the early sixties and she has one brother and one sister in Finland. I wanted to see go see them since I haven't been to Finland since 1994. I suggested to mym that I could do some fishing while I was over there and that's what I meant by meeting her.

No we were not far north to experience the midnight sun but we were far north to have daylight until about 11:30 pm and it didn't really get that dark during the night. I remember the sun rising at about 3:45 am. It is a strange feeling. I have kind of forgot how it was since I lived in Sweden. I left Sweden in 1994. I remember many times going to a party when I was young and party all night and come home in daylight. Very strange feeling.

I'm thinking on going back in a few years but that time I will go even further north as I have a cousing who lives in Karelia on the russian border in Nurmes. It would be another three hours north with a car from where I was staying this time. It is a very beutiful and interesting country to visit.
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