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I was so used to Scandinavian ways when I lived there but now as a kind of tourist it's a lot more interesting to visit. I'm kind of debating with myself if I should go back in about three years or do North America. I have traveled a lot in the U.S. but not fished much outside of TN and NC. It cost about the same to go over to Scandinavia to fish for about a week or so as it would to go to the American west when you figure in transportation, food, lodging and all.

In a way it would be nice to fish some of the classic waters in the U.S. but on the other hand, you are definitely guaranteed more solitude in Scandinavia. It's a tough decision but a nice decision to make. Oh well, enough of daydreaming, I got about 36 months to try to save up. I can't save up any quicker than that due to all other obligations we are having in our daily rat race.
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