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Nice to have shared the river with both of you guys today. Had alot of fun. I still cant believe that guy walked down and was literally fishing ontop of Giantfish.

I did drive over to Abams today and driving through the loop can really test your nerve with other people. Sometimes I felt like bump drafting a few people out of my way. But the coolest thing happened once I got to Abrams. I was fishing my way down from the trailhead when I looked up and there was a doe standing on the edge of the creek trail side. I thought surely she sees me and will then bolt back up the ridge or across the creek. Instead she just walked strait into the river and began eating the moss of the rocks. She was so close that I could lay my fly down between her legs. At that moment I had concluded a great day of fishing; brought over a dozen fish to hand both above Tremont and at Abrams, met some new people, and having that deer share the water with me was just absolutely amazing.

I promise to let you know how my camping trip for next weekend is planning out. I am trying to work out a few more campsite options. I appreciate all the suggestions you gave me today.
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