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I am going this weekend by myself and I have it narrowed down to two camp sites; either 18 or 53. I thought about going to 53 and fishing deep creek because the trail runs most of the lenght of the trail and its a relatively short 4 mile hike to the camp site. 18 is the other suggestion that I got from Vern because he said it was a beautiful campsite and hopefully the rain will help bring up the water some. The downside to 18 I can see is that the trail does not follow the creek at all.

Anyway I am probably going to be going to 53 and if you would like to meet up and go you are more than welcome to join me. Does any one have any feedback on deep creek? I read on of ttas67's reports and he said that water was down alittle so I think that the rain will help that too.
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