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Default Camping Trips

Coming down Deep Creek from Newfound Gap isn't too bad, getting out is another story.......... especially if you are carrying much of a pack. I am thinking you will lose/gain ~2,800 feet each way. Deep Creek is a good one though, lots of browns.
Hazel is another possibility. You can take a ride across from Fontana Village Marina. The last time I made the trip, it cost $ 27.00 per person. You can camp right at Proctor within a 1/4 mile of the landing. You can hike further if you want up to the Sawdust Pile or Bone Valley Campsites (~3.5 & 4 miles) miles. Sorry don't remember the campsite numbers. Hazel is a beautiful creek and a fair amount of bug activity as well. Both trails from the bottom are old rail grades (no more than 5%).
Let us hear where you went, and how you did. It has been too many years since I did any backpack camping. Another couple of years and my son will be old enough, hope he has some interest.......... and I have the legs.
Have fun ............ take some black cats or some book type fire-crackers. They will do wonders for bear removal if they become a nuisance!
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