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Hello Pete,

There is good fishing on the West Prong above, below and at the picnic area. I believe there is a pulloff just below the picnic area. There is some good water there, and bookies become more frequent above the picnic area. Note: If you go above the picnic area you will be entering The Gorge, there is some great water in this stretch, but once you enter The Gorge it is very difficult to crawl out of there until you reach the Chimney Tops trailhead. There is a large parking area on past the picnic area that provides access to the Gorge. I have used it quite a few times, it's a little steep and you'll need to be careful at the bottom, but it shortens the trip to the Chimneys trailhead and has some great water and the opportunity to catch brookies and rainbows. I used to fish the Gorge on every trip to the Smokies, but I haven't been down there for a few years. I need to do it again before I get too old, lol. It's best to fish the Gorge with a buddy since it's very remote once your in there and if you were to get hurt it may be a while before anyone could find you if you couldn't get out on your own. Needless to say, I have done it solo quite a few times, probably not the smartest thing, and I guess I was somewhat lucky.

Hope this helps,

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