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I had a pretty heavy pack with me because I was planning on staying an extra night and had packed in food for an extra day so that was some extra weight that wouldnt have been there if my trip would have stayed as planned. I think it took about 30-45 minutes of walking before I could hear and see deep creek. You start out above the river and eventually make it down to some places where you could access. The problem with the trail is that it does follow the creek almost the entire rest of the way to the campsite once you reach it but sometimes you are way above the creek.

I started at the campsite and then worked my way upstream until I could get back on the trail again. I probably fished for an hour or so before I made it back to the stream. There is a campsite that is off the trail that makes for an easy exit once you reach it. But there is great water above and below the campsite.

The hike there wasnt bad at all. But the hike out is tough for the last little bit. I dont know if I would do it all again alone. I didnt feel like I was taking a big risk with just the hike in and camping but when I was fishing away from the trail and a 45 minute walk back to camp and food, the thought of falling and twisting my ankle or any other problem was pretty unsettling. I only saw a few snakes and they were all on the trail. At the campsite there is a small ridge that is directly behind my tent and there is some small vegetation growing half way up the hill. When I woke up Sunday morning it looke like someone had been down the side of the hill on a snow sled because the grass was all laid down in one direction, so I dont really want to think what kind of visitor I might have had that night.

I would be real intersetted in makeing another trip to the campsite with another person sometime but doing it alone again will probably not happen. Let me know if I can give you guys any more information.
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