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Thanks for the input. I live in FL and I had the chance yesterday to cast the Sage Fli 8 & 9 wt along with the TFO TiCrx 8wt. As Lefty says the TiCrx casts like a rocket. The guy at the shop asked which I liked best. My response was if I only fished for short periods, the TiCrx would be it but if I fished for long periods, the Sage Fli would have to be my choice. The TiCrx is a heavier rod and I could feel it. As Byron and others have said on another similar post, the fast rods do not perform as well in short distances as the slower rods. The Sage Fli 8 & 9 wts were able to make shorter casts and make the same distances as the TiCrx and are lighter rods.

On a previous occasion I compared the TiCr with the Sage Fli (both 8 wts) and the Fli felt better for me.

I think for my casting comfort the Sage Fli is it. The cost diiference is not that much especially if you consider the Fli includes a rod tube.

Now I have to decide 8 or 9 wt and what reel. It seems a reel weighing about 7.6 - 8 oz balances both rods at the handle pretty well with little rod tip wei9ght. Which reminds me, casting the TiCrx required a little more effort lifting the rod (tip and line seemed heavy) but oncle you got it up, it flew.

The reels I am thinking about are either an Orvis Mach mid arbor or large arbor or Ross CLA. Any experience in salt water environment with these? Maintenance may be more with the Orvis (from what I can tell from their recommendations).

I really appreciate the comments and this forum. It is like having a conversation with friends about one of the things that we enjoy doing most and it really helps in making a decision. Thanks LRO for your efforts!
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