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I see a lot of people sounding off about MRE's and other expensive pre-pakaged meals. MRE's are great for guys without the time or ability to make a fire (like Marines in the field). If you are walking back into the mountains you can pack a few things that will taste better, provide you with more chow in less space, and cost a whole lot less. Get a small tub of butter flavored Crisco to gease you skillet or pan, a gallon zip lock bag of flour or corn meal to bread the fish, a gallon zip lock of de-hydrated mashed potatoes, a gallon zip lock of de-hydrated milk, a bag of big sticks of beef jerky, a bag of M&Ms, two boxes of granola or breakfast bars, two boxes of oatmeal broken down and placed in a zip lock bag, and a box of cocoa powder broken down. Stash a bottle of blackberry schnapps into a buddy's pack and you and two other guys can eat two meals a day for very little cash (as long as you're catching fish). Breakfast is oatmeal (throw some M&Ms in there). Midday snacks are bars, candy, and jerky. Dinner is fried fish with mashed taters (maybe with some jerky thrown in). Bring a skillet, a pot for the oatmeal and the potatoes, a spatula and a wooden spoon. All the chow and the required cooking gear can fit in the bottom of one man's pack. If you do this right, you should be hungry enough at every meal (from fishing or walking all day) that you don't care that you are eating the same thing every night.
Save the MRE's for the next time you are bouncing around in the back of an AAV and you need to just pull some chow out of your cargo pocket.
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