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My fly fishing experience in the surf is limited. I have a hard time managing my fly line with the waves. I would find a bay where there are no waves. An 8 or 9 weight would be my rod/reel/line choice. I only use sinking lines when we are trying to catch redfish during cold weather in the tidal creeks. So, 90% of the time or more I use a floating line. I make my own leaders for saltwater. I use 6' of butt section (30-40 pound), 2' of mid section (20-25 pound) and 2' of tippet (12-15 pound). If you have trouble connecting the sections because the the mono or fluoro sizes are not close you can use a perfection loop connection. I can make a blood knot work for the butt to mid but I like a perfection loop for the tippet to mid connection. You can't beat a Clouser Minnow, Bleeding Baitfish, Sand Shrimp or Copperhead. You can see all of those in the fly section of our website. They are all easy to tie. The Puglisi baitfish patterns work great but take a long time to tie and there was a huge learning curve for me when I started tying them. I almost gave up.

Have a great trip. Hope this helps.

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